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Are you comtemplating the private sale of your home?.

Pro-Image photography has been providing high quality images to local Real Estate agents for the past 5 years.

Now you can have the same quality images to enhance the sale of your property.

My rates are reasonable and I will travel within 100km radius of Wagga.

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Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga (C) Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga 2017-05-07T04:56:57Z 2017-05-07T04:56:57Z Wedding photograpy pricing

It is such a shame that potential clients shop purely on price alone.

While it is completely understandable that money is tight in our current economic climate, but couples expecting full wedding coverage which may entail 10 to 12 hours of work on the day and many more hours work editing their images, cannot expect any true full time professional photographer to shoot it for $300 to $400.

Obviously there are photographers out there who are new to the trade and trying to get their name out there willing to shoot for such low amounts. Sooner or later (usually sooner) they realise that making a living requires that they have to charge a sensible fee for their services or they will go under.

Whilst they are learning this hard lesson they are not doing the trade any favours.

I understand that every new photographer has to start somewhere, but many just jump in to the wedding trade thinking that is a cash cow to take advantage of. This could not be further from the truth.

Wedding photography is without doubt the most physically and mentally demanding photography that cannot be repeated at a later date. You get it or you don't.

Unfortunately there are many new to wedding photography who don't get it.

This is why couples should be prepared to pay for the services of an experienced wedding photographer.

Couples have very little to remember their special day except for great photographs.


Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga (C) Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga 2016-08-24T05:24:30Z 2016-08-24T05:24:30Z Why use a professional photographer.

People often ask me why they should pay me x amount of dollars to shoot their wedding when a relative, friend or a beginner on Facebook would be cheaper if not free.

I look at it this way....if my house needed re-wiring I would use an electrician.

If my car needed repairs I would use a mechanic.

If I needed legal advice I would consult a solicitor.

All these require a license to operate and have to spend many years learning and honing their skills before they can go into business and charge for their services.

It is no different for photographers. We spend many years learning and perfecting our trade and many dollars on the best equipment.

The best professional photographers did not ever charge till they had their skill set perfected.

The latest research suggests that the average professional photographer in Australia earns $24.47 per hour after all expenses, taxes etc are deducted. Given the long hours we work and the many late nights we put in to deliver the best possible images for our clients this is certainly not high.

It is a given that anyone with a modern DSLR can take a reasonable photograph, why shouldn't you use just anyone?

The answer is simple. When the light, weather etc is perfect anyone can take a great picture with a minimum of effort in auto mode.

Perfect lighting, weather and venue rarely exist for the full time wedding photographer. This is where we earn our money...when the going gets tough.

I am always amazed how people will book to have some of the most important photographs of their lives taken by a complete newbie on Facebook who does not have a single wedding image posted.

They then complain post event about how terrible their photos turned out.

I guess cheap is not always best.


Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga (C) Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga 2014-10-07T06:41:25Z 2014-10-07T06:41:25Z Start of the wedding season.

Well I am really looking forward to the start of the end of year wedding season.

It really is fun as it gets your creative juices flowing plus you get to work with some really wonderful couples.

I always enjoy being part of the couples special day and producing something that they really like. It's going to be a busy 3 months.

Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga (C) Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga 2013-08-24T13:15:51Z 2013-08-24T13:15:51Z FaceBook photographers

It's so unfortunate these days that anyone can buy themselves a DSLR and instantly call themselves a professional photographer.

Whilst we all had to start somewhere, charging people good money when you have no experience, sub standard equipment and don't know how to use it really annoys me. People are entitled to receive value for their money.

A few of these people really do need to just shoot for a while to gain experience and hone their skills before charging people.

Also charging ridiculously cheap amounts for something as important as a wedding is not doing themselves or anyone else any favours.

I think a few might find it somewhat different if they were to find themselves in small claims court for delivery of sub standard photos. Unfortunately they don't think of these things, they just jump in where angels fear to tread.

For those of us who make our whole living from photography and have done so for may years we don't fear healthy competition. But I sometimes wonder when people like a a particular Facebook photographers work what they are liking, as we are obviously not looking at the same photos.

There really should be some of global organization that is designed to vet all potential professional photographers before they are allowed to charge for the services. Then we would all be on a level playing field.

That's my rant I just have to figure out how to combat the dreaded Facebook Pro. :-)


Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga (C) Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga 2013-08-23T05:06:38Z 2013-08-23T05:06:38Z Family portraits

To all those people who contact me looking for package prices for family portrait photography.

I hate to disappoint people but I do not do family portraits or children's photography.

I find that female photographers tend to relate better to children and to be honest there is simple no money in this form of photography as people are not prepared to pay what it is really worth.

Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga (C) Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga 2013-08-09T01:57:14Z 2013-08-09T01:57:14Z Time to change web hoster.

After many years of using Smugmug to host and serve my images I am regretfully having to give them the flick.

Forcing changes to web page layouts that I don't want and doubling my yearly access fee means moving over to to host them.

Must confess Zenfolio is much easier to customise and set up up than Smugmug. (half the price too)

Here's hoping a change might just give the business the kick along it needs.

Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga (C) Pro-Image Photography Wagga Wagga 2013-08-06T03:50:40Z 2013-08-06T03:50:40Z